First Post

It’s been years since I’ve written a blog or journal and I’m very much out of practice…
This will be my 11th 15th attempt at writing a first sentence in my first blog.

It’s funny, blogging in theory seems so easy…
“Dear diary.. today I had such a lovely day.. I walked the dog, I went shopping and I had something lovely for lunch..”
…but it’s not. That sort of thing isn’t exciting, not to me at least.

I wanted my first post to be interesting, I wanted to tell you all about me, what I’ve been up to, to tell you where I’ve been… but I realise that would turn into an essay (or novel), a little bit boring and I want to try and keep you at least a little bit interested.

So quickly… some fun facts:

  • My name is Sarah-Leigh but most people call me Sarah.
  • I’m 30 (eek.)
  • I’ve got a lovely Husband, Dan. We got married on 16th May 2015 and it was a wonderful day.
  • I have 1 cat, Rogue. He lives up to his name.
  • I have 1 dog, Henry. He’s an English Springer Spaniel and he’s as springy as his breed suggests.
  • I was born in Germany but I’m British – This confuses a lot of people. I’m a Dandelion – a forces child – a pad brat.
  • I have a huge family … Parents, Step Parents, Grand Parents, In-Laws.. 7 (yes 7) sisters and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • I like music, art, games and travel …and I’m a bit of a geek.

The reason for my blog…
I’ve decided to blog to share the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and to show you my creations. I’ll share with you the last few places I’ve travelled to and maybe throw in a picture of Henry and Rogue for good measure.


Any feedback is always appreciated and if you have Instagram feel free to follow: @sarahleighroddis






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