Wombwell Woods

Today we found a real hidden gem for dog walking and the great thing is it’s less than five minutes away from where I live.

I often drive through Wombwell and the area I know as “Wombwell Woods” using it as a shortcut into Barnsley. I’ve lived in Barnsley since I was a child and it still surprises me with its heritage and it’s beauty. 

I usually walk around Manvers lake, another of South Yorkshire’s treasures for walkies, however felt like something different this Easter weekend.  A quick google search for dog walks in Barnsley brought up a map for Wombwell woods, showing how large the areas was.

Henry went for a groom in Wombwell so it seemed like the ideal opportunity to investigate.  We drove to the car park, which I didn’t know existed – it’d always associated the street that leads to it with the near by industrial estate.

There’s a small picnic area near the car park – we’ll be coming back here in the summer to test them out! This area leads to a few paths to walk…

We followed the white gravel path towards the woodland / forestry area. Henry enjoyed running off lead around the area – ( this is a working forestry area so dogs on leads near the machinery )

We found a lovely pond, lots of bluebells and a fishing area. The pond looked like something from a fairy tale. It would be a place I’d take my nephews and nieces for a fairy hunt, it looked magical.

We followed the path into the woods and walked near the railway line, overlooking wombwell.

We didn’t stay long, circling back through the woods and passing a quarry like area. I’ve since googled this and it’s called the convicts tunnel and has a dark history!

We walked through the woods and up past the other side of the fishing like, heading up onto another path labelled “woodland walk” this had two paths, we walked the path that took us closest to our car as the rain started to spot. We will be going back to investigate more soon as the other area looked very beautiful.

As we were leaving I noticed a huge circle of stones and joked about it being a ‘witches’ circle as a large black crow was sat in the middle staring right at us. Again, I’ve googled this too and the area has lots of ghost stories, murdeorus tales and recent sightings of witches dancing in the bluebell woods circle. It even claims to be the most haunted woods in the U.K. There are so many stories that I’ll be spending my weekend learning more about the woods, the ‘magical’ treasure on my doorstep.


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