Rome is a place that I’d dreamt of going to since I was a child – The Eternal City, the City of Love… When my husband booked it I was so excited… Then the Brexit vote hit, our holiday provider went out of business and we were told our holiday was cancelled.

We called the provider who told us our fights were still booked and we’d need to check with the hotel to see if that had been paid for. I contacted the hotel by email and by phone – I did this almost every week (for around 6 weeks!) and I was assured that everything was still valid and that they were looking forward to seeing us soon. I contacted the hotel again two days before our flight (just to be sure) and was reassured, we were even told by our hotel that we could check in early for no extra charge.

I could finally enjoy my holiday! …..or so I thought. Continue reading


Agia Marina, Crete

Just before my 30th birthday there were whispers of parties and surprises… my worst nightmare! Before anything could be planned my lovely husband booked a few days away to Crete and asked my brother in law to pet/house sit. Panic over!

When we first arrived, I’ll admit, I was very worried. In the transfer from the airport to the hotel we drove through a few shady areas and there is lots of graffiti. Luckily as you enter Agia Marina it looks much better. I loved the lemon trees and cats… lots of cats. Continue reading


My first overseas adventure as an adult was my honeymoon. I was whisked away to Dubrovnik in Croatia for a long weekend and I couldn’t have wished for better.

After a turbulent start to 2015, a wonderful wedding in May and a promotion just after by the time it got to October I was ready for a good break!

Croatia always seemed a bit scary for me, Dad went to Croatia and stopped off at Dubrovnik when he was in the Army as he served in Bosnia. Landing in the mountains on a desert terrain was pretty terrifying however walking off the plane and being greeting by the warmth and vivid colours quickly made me forget. For the most part it was warm and sunny with a few clouds however we did get rain on our last day (which didn’t spoil our fun!) and a scary thunderstorm on the way back to the airport on our return home.

We went straight into Dubrovnik old town as I couldn’t wait to have a peek at where Game of Thrones was filmed. It’s Breath-taking with it’s drawbridges and I was amazed by how the tall walls, winding streets and cobbled road shine a warm orange and were polished so well that everything looks slippy. Continue reading

First Post

It’s been years since I’ve written a blog or journal and I’m very much out of practice…
This will be my 11th 15th attempt at writing a first sentence in my first blog.

It’s funny, blogging in theory seems so easy…
“Dear diary.. today I had such a lovely day.. I walked the dog, I went shopping and I had something lovely for lunch..”
…but it’s not. That sort of thing isn’t exciting, not to me at least.

I wanted my first post to be interesting, I wanted to tell you all about me, what I’ve been up to, to tell you where I’ve been… but I realise that would turn into an essay (or novel), a little bit boring and I want to try and keep you at least a little bit interested.

So quickly… some fun facts:

  • My name is Sarah-Leigh but most people call me Sarah.
  • I’m 30 (eek.)
  • I’ve got a lovely Husband, Dan. We got married on 16th May 2015 and it was a wonderful day.
  • I have 1 cat, Rogue. He lives up to his name.
  • I have 1 dog, Henry. He’s an English Springer Spaniel and he’s as springy as his breed suggests.
  • I was born in Germany but I’m British – This confuses a lot of people. I’m a Dandelion – a forces child – a pad brat.
  • I have a huge family … Parents, Step Parents, Grand Parents, In-Laws.. 7 (yes 7) sisters and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • I like music, art, games and travel …and I’m a bit of a geek.

The reason for my blog…
I’ve decided to blog to share the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and to show you my creations. I’ll share with you the last few places I’ve travelled to and maybe throw in a picture of Henry and Rogue for good measure.


Any feedback is always appreciated and if you have Instagram feel free to follow: @sarahleighroddis