Rivelin Valley

A couple of weeks ago we decided to look for a new, local-ish place to walk Henry. I love going to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and to Manvers Lake, but missed the adventure of walking around somewhere new.

After an internet search, making up a picnic and wrapping ourselves up warm we decided on Rivelin Valley in Sheffield (mainly for the free carpark!)

It was difficult to find and the carpark is really small so we had to park on the main road as it is such a popular spot and we could see why… Autumn was the perfect time to visit, with the golden leaves littering the pathways and that nice cool breeze in the air.  26 of the 100 year old (maybe older!) trees had been “saved” from being felled and had a ribbon and a sign saying so… it was a delight to see.

We were greeted by a lovely lake, lots of ducks and a path with the only way through (besides going back and along the main road) was over stepping stones in the river. Henry loved this… we had a very happy, wet springer spaniel.   Continue reading


Wombwell Woods

Today we found a real hidden gem for dog walking and the great thing is it’s less than five minutes away from where I live.

I often drive through Wombwell and the area I know as “Wombwell Woods” using it as a shortcut into Barnsley. I’ve lived in Barnsley since I was a child and it still surprises me with its heritage and it’s beauty.  Continue reading

Howell Wood

Today we took a trip to Howell Wood to take my Springer, Henry for a nice muddy walk and to test out the new Nikon camera I got for Valentines day.

Howell Wood is a Country Park in South Kirkby, Doncaster (Although for those of you who know Barnsley, it’s right near Burntwood and the Robin Hood in Brierley). It’s somewhere I used to walk with my parents as a child, but I couldn’t really remember it too well. It’s hidden away and a nice quiet place to walk your dog off lead, with plenty of benches along the way to sit and enjoy the views. Henry had a great time running through the trees, sniffing the leaves and wading in the mud.